Tueoris (tueoris.com) is a rapidly growing information security and privacy consulting firm. We take pride in our friendly culture and focusing on what matters, which for us is to deliver “meaningful outcomes in security and privacy” at our clients.

We believe good security or privacy consulting today requires an overwhelming emphasis on delivering incremental and meaningful outcomes. Our culture does not emphasize the need for formality in the means that one might be constrained to in the larger firms. As a result, we believe security or privacy professionals will find us a great place to grow their creative skillsets and expertise and not be constrained by factors typical of formal reporting structures.

We are looking to hire for the following positions at this time:


Information Security Senior Consultant

The Information Security Senior Consultant will have the following background or skillsets :

• Up-to-date knowledge of current and evolving information security threats and vulnerabilities
• Practical knowledge of best practices in people and process aspects of information security
• Sound foundation with architecture/design aspects and current/evolving capabilities or trends in information technology as well as technologies used to address specific information security or privacy problems e.g. identity and access management, incident detection and response, data leakage prevention, encryption etc.
• Knowledge and experience in using information security frameworks for performing security assessments
• Ability to apply the above knowledge and experience in performing an independent and contextual assessment of risks in a specific setting and then articulating and documenting the risks as well as recommendations in specific and actionable terms

In addition, we expect and encourage following qualities in each of our team members:
• Constant learning and curious mindset
• Constant inclination to helping clients improve their security and/or privacy posture
• Motivation to apply one’s knowledge and experience in a practical manner
• Strong verbal and written communication skills
• Ability to lead or facilitate discussions in a client setting
• Discipline, focus and holding oneself accountable to high standards in ethics, work quality and in meeting agreed commitments

Tueoris commits itself to providing its team members with suitable opportunities to grow and fulfill each of their potential.

If interested and you have a authorized work permit in the United States, please contact us at services@tueoris.com with a copy of your bio and link to your LinkedIn profile.