Academic medical center and healthcare provider hires Tueoris to provide quality and performance oversight of a IAM strategy and roadmap development project


The client, a prominent academic medical center and research hospital based in a major metropolitan city, had already made the decision to hire a consulting team from a leading analyst research firm to develop their strategy and roadmap. The client wanted to hire another consultant to provide independent quality oversight to this strategy/roadmap engagement as well as provide program leadership and management services for the implementation phases of the IAM program.

The client selected Tueoris to provide independent quality oversight over the IAM strategy and roadmap engagement performed by the team of consultants from the analyst research firm.

What We Learned

Through our experience with this client we learned that clients may have an important need for independent quality oversight in some key IAM initiatives especially ones that are of strategic and foundational implications.

Consulting organizations like to bring ideas from elsewhere and apply them at an organization. Often, this is done without a critical evaluation of whether those ideas can help deliver the outcomes for the particular context of the client and the constraints the client organization may be faced with.

An independent quality and performance oversight (of such key initiatives) may only cost a small fraction of the initiative itself but could be extremely useful in assuring the quality and success of the project or program later on.

Why Tueoris

The client selected Tueoris based on the following track record or criteria:

  • Established track record in providing thought leadership and strategy services to IAM programs.
  • References from past clients providing commendation for Tueoris’ focus on services’ quality and the ability to deliver actionable strategies specific to each client’s context.
  • Demonstrable thought leadership and execution capabilities in healthcare security and privacy.
  • The ability to strategize and develop actionable plans for non-IAM solutions (from other security verticals) to deliver IAM objectives that can’t be met by conventional IAM solutions for one or the other reason.
  • Integrity, professionalism and due diligence on consulting engagements.
  • Over fifteen years of expertise in IAM as well as other security verticals enables Tueoris consultants to develop IAM strategies and roadmaps applicable to each client’s context and hence have the best chances of meeting the holistic set of a IAM program’s goals.
  • Our emphasis on business enablement ahead of anything else (This is so central and critical especially in the Healthcare Provider space where clinician experience is key to the success of any program)
  • Our thought leadership and operational experience with risk management and regulatory compliance needs in healthcare
  • Our attention to detail even as we emphasize so much on the need for the right and holistic strategy. Attention to detail is extremely important for executing well, especially in IAM programs.