Tueoris delivers Security and Privacy outcomes that truly matter to you, your organization and your customers.

We are passionate about Information Security and Privacy. We should talk if you can relate to any of the following situations:

  1. I am not sure I really understand who has access to our proprietary and personal information and what they are doing with that information.
  2. I am not confident we are up to speed in identifying current Information Security and/or Privacy risks that must be addressed .
  3. We have limited funding or budget for Information Security or Privacy and don’t quite know what to do or how to go about addressing our needs.
  4. We seem to be in a persistent catch-up mode, mostly reacting to events.
  5. We haven’t been able to accomplish the results we set out to achieve with our Information Security and privacy initiatives.
  6. We thought we did a good job of implementing our initiative(s), but it is not clear that we have really received the intended value or ROI .
  7. Our compliance or audit obligations drive our Information Security and Privacy programs, but our posture against real world risks is  not really improving.
  8. My Information Security and Privacy teams seem to be too focused on the “methodology” (e.g., templatized approaches or control frameworks) and often have difficulty articulating the real risks that need to be addressed, as well as affordable options for addressing them.
  9. Our security solutions (technologies) don’t seem to be fulfilling their expected potential in meeting our needs.
  10. Our security staff seems to spend too much time in making the technologies “work for us”.

Please contact us and we’ll get back to you immediately to discuss how Tueoris may be able to help.